Katsushika Taito II (二代目葛飾戴斗) (artist ca 1818 – 1844)

Hokusen (北泉)
Toenrō (斗円楼)
Genryūsai Taito (玄竜斎戴斗)



Taito was a samurai of the Toyooka clan, who originally lived in Yamashita in Kozuke Province. He seems to have met Hokusai in Nagoya in the mid-1810s and collaborated with him on the second volume of Hokusai manga, 'The Hokusai Sketchbooks', which was published there in 1815. He moved to Edo and took the name Taito II in or after 1820, when Hokusai changed his own name to Iitsu. He designed a few square surimono around the late 1820s and early 1830s and sometime afterwards moved to Ōsaka. His last dated work was an illustrated book published in 1850. Although it may only be a coincidence, the first two characters of the Toenrō, which Taito used in 1815, make up the name of the engraver and printer Toen, whose seal appears on calendar pictures designed by Hokusai and others in the mid-1790s.