• Ichikawa Ebijūrō I as the servant Ranpei in the play <i>Yamatogana Ariwara Keizu</i> (倭仮名在原系図)
  • Book (<i>ehon</i>) cover from the <i>Hokusetsu bidan jidai kagami</i> ('Uplifting Tale of Northern Snows' Mirror of the Ages - 北雪美談時代加々見)
  • Na (な): Murumatsu Kihei nyūdō Ryūen (村松喜兵衛入道隆圓) portrayed by Seki Sanjūrō III (関三十郎) from the series <i>Stories of the True Loyalty of the Faithful Samurai</i> (<i>Seichū gishi den</i> - 誠忠義士伝)
  • Bandō Mitsugorō III, under his poetry name Bandō Shūka (坂東秀桂), from the series <i>Actors Compared to Flowers</i> (<i>Yakusha hana awase</i> - 役者花合)
  • Courtesans in a brothel - left-hand panel from a triptych showing the forces of good and evil influences in the red-light district (遊郭善玉悪玉 - <i>Yūkaku zendama akudama</i>)
  • Display-room of a house of pleasure at night
  • <i>Shinobu-zuri</i> (志の婦壽李) - <i>shunga ehon</i>
  • June - Danshichi Kurobei from the series <i>Calendar of Kabuki Roles and Actors</i> (<i>Kabuki Sugata-goyomi</i> - 歌舞伎姿暦 - 6th month [六月])
  • Ichikawa Danjūrō VII (市川 團十郎) as Arajishi Otokonosuke (荒獅子男之助) subduing a giant rat - from the play <i>Date Kurabe Okuni Kabuki</i> [伊達競阿国劇場]
  • Arashi Rikan II [嵐璃寛] as Heitarō in the play <i>Sōma Tarō hyōbundan</i> [相馬太郎...]

Welcome to The Lyon Collection!

Ukiyo-e Prints in the Mike Lyon Collection

Mike Lyon (artist b. 1951) was fortunate to have grown up familiar with Japanese prints. In his youth Lyon’s parents and grandparents displayed examples that certainly inspired his own artistic development. He began acquiring Japanese color woodcuts early in his career as an artist. The types of prints that feature most prominently among the many hundreds in Lyon's collection reflect the artist’s deep appreciation of the human figure and the expressive facial portrait. The vast majority of Japanese prints in the Lyon collection represent views of actors yakusha-e) and beautiful women (bijin-ga), and in particular the close-up, bust-length portraits of the same (okubi-e).

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